Education: One thing that can’t be taken from you!


Education Team

  • John and Muriel Lilly

    John and Muriel Lilly

    Administrative Directors
  • Linda Gaisford

    Linda Gaisford

    Director of Education
  • Kathy Baumann

    Kathy Baumann

    Assistant English Education Coordinator
  • Evelyn Payne

    Evelyn Payne

    English Education

Education is the most powerful tool to change the world!

Our Goals

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  • Encourage respectful relationships between students, as well as staff and students.
  • Create a community of learners.
  • Support and encourage success in learning.
  • Design, evaluate and implement differentiated. instruction based on student skills.
  • Implement best practices for instruction and assessment.
  • Resolve problems as they arise.
  • Utilize learning tools congruent with established best practice.
  • Honor and respond to individual and cultural differences.

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