International And Out Of State Enrollment Form



We are committed to you as a student and we expect your commitment to us as well.

Once enrolled, all adult students must attend each session. If a student misses more than three consecutive sessions, they will be dropped and lose their place in the program. The student may reapply and will go through the enrollment process again.

Exceptions: If a student knows ahead time about a situation that prevents them from attending class (work, health, or family event) they need to contact Evelyn Payne (801) 599-7533 Ext. 807

If the time for commitment is not right for you, we can put you on a waiting list.

If you’re interested in enrollment, please complete the Interest form below. We will contact you in 2-3 days. Technology is not always perfect, so if you do not hear from us in 2-3 days, please feel free to contact us at: 801-230-2582 X 807.

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    Disclaimer of Liability

    By enrolling as a student or participant at the Columbus Adult Education Center and Youth Programs, you agree that the Columbus Adult Education Center and Youth Programs and/or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, shall NOT be liable for any death or injury arising from or out of any occurrence in, upon, at, or relating to the building or damage to property of the participant/student or of others located on the premises or elsewhere in the building, nor shall it be responsible for any loss of or damage to any property of the participant/student or others from any cause.

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