Mandi Palfreyman

My mother and I joined The Columbus School staff sometime around 2018. We wanted to have an opportunity to do service. I have met wonderful staff and students through the Columbus School. I started out working in the computer lab with the Reading Horizon program. I was born with cerebral palsy consequently, it is difficult for me to find service opportunities that I am physically able to do. I spent years teaching adults with disabilities in California. The Columbus School has given me a chance to meet and teach adults as a volunteer, the school has given me a way to teach and interact with people of all ages and cultures. We grow close to each other and learn things from each other as we share our life experiences and learn together.

When we had to start teaching on zoom because of the pandemic, I started doing reading with the students. The opportunity to teach on zoom expanded the reach of the school. Now we not only teach local students but people that are across the world. Everyone appreciates that this valuable service is done for free. It is a wonderful way for people to continue their education. Their new language and reading skills have the potential to open up new job opportunities for our student population.

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