Pook Carson, PhD

My name is Pook Carson. I am on the Board of Directors of the Columbus Adult Education Center. I am also a learner and educator. As a professor, I admire the mission of the Center and what we have accomplished despite the hardships caused by COVID. The Center currently serves students from a wide variety of ethnicities in Utah and throughout the world.

We have great volunteers who devote their heart and soul to improving others’ lives by helping them learn English and other life skills such as sewing and computer literacy. We also provide advice on getting U.S. citizenship and employment. In addition, the Center has been working with the Utah Food Bank to provide lunch to anyone who is in need. Beyond food, the Center provides clothes and other items to support its students and their families. On a personal level and on behalf of the Thai community in Utah, I appreciate the opportunity that the Center has given us to offer Thai language curriculum and classes to the public.

These and the other programs offered by the Center are all very valuable contributions to the community of which I am very proud to be a part. I hope you also see the value of these activities and the critical role the Center plays in the lives of many new arrivals to the U.S. as they work to build their own American Dream. With the support of the Church, I am certain that the Center can continue to help refugee and immigrant communities and do even more to improve the lives of our neighbors in Utah and throughout the world.


Pook Carson, PhD

Professor, Salt Lake Community College and University of Utah.

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